Another puzzle piece in place…

Today, Covered California announced it completed contracts with a dozen health insurers to participate in its marketplace starting in nearly 50 days–with open enrollment starting on October 1, and new coverage starting in 145 days on January 1, 2014.

Here’s the press release, which includes information about one previously-announced plan dropping out, a local Medicaid managed care plan in Ventura County, that had not been in the individual insurance market before, and needed more time.

This and other issues will likely be discussed tomorrow at the Covered California board meeting, a special half-day morning meeting. One of the key topics is the issues around pediatric dental coverage. As is usual, we will attempt to live-tweet at @HealthAccess, and have a report posted here later.

While the puzzle pieces are coming in place, there’s still much to do. Here’s the preview for Covered California’s August 22nd board meeting, which gives a sense of the significant work still being done, less than 50 days from launch:

CalHEERS update and launch timeline
•Covered California Plan Updates
SHOP plans and rates
Payment policies
Reenrollment policy issues
•Marketing, Outreach, and Enrollment Assistance Updates
Marketing campaign
Navigator program
Community mobilization network
•Other Items
Consumer protection update
Voter registration policy
Federal regulations update
•SHOP regulations
•Agent regulations
•Plan-based enrollment regulations
•Assisters program regulations
•Eligibility and enrollment regulations

Progress is being made, but more work is left to do to make this all work…

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