California Says Yes!

It’s always notable when Governor Jerry Brown mentions health issues, so we want to spotlight the section of the Governor’s speech at the California Democratic Convention that was devoted to the state’s stance on health reform:

“California, we are not running away from Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act. We’re embracing it. We’re embracing it, to the extent we are adding millions of people to our Medi-Cal program: Families will get insurance for the first time, ever. And under the Covered California program, millions of people will be able to obtain affordable health care. So a lot of states say no, California says yes! Yes to health care for as many Californians as possible!”

Several other state officials mentioned health reform, but the one who focused on health care issues was Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones, who reviewed the work of his office, and campaigned for the rate regulation ballot measure slated for this November’s ballot.