What Matters–and Doesn’t–in Hiring?

Sometimes what politicians say need to be checked. The debate in Congress over tax policy is one such area, as some politicians oppose a millionaire’s surtax, on the premise that the few of the millionaires that are small business owners would be negatively impacts, harming their ability to hire.

In a masterful report by NPR’s Tamara Keith, a former Capitol reporter in Sacramento, she asked actual small business people–“job creators”–the impact on higher marginal tax rates for the upper-income. Neither the GOP politicians, nor strangely the business associations themselves could some up with somebody. When she put public solicitations online, she got a different answer than from the associations.

As one business owner said: “It’s not in the top 20 things that we think about when we’re making a business hire.”

It’s not to say that any business wouldn’t appreciate lower taxes, regulation, or oversight. But 1) they are put in place to achieve a purpose, often that is business friendly (to provide a level playing field between companies, to prevent abuse of consumers, to lower health costs in the long-term, etc.) and 2) the negative impacts of certain policies, modestly done, is so often overstated to the extreme.

This is a compelling example of important journalism, to follow-up to actually test some of these campaign bromides.

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