Missing the popcorn…

Here’s a new political attack ad on health care, by the campaign of Rick Perry–Governor of a state with a shocking 25% uninsured rate, the worst in the nation–going after Mitt Romney, former Governor of a state with a 2% uninsured rate, the best in the nation.

There was a time where Governor Romney understood his health reform law was the crowning achievement of his career. So much so that he included the Massachusetts law in his official state portrait. We at Health Access California never claimed it was a perfect law, and we had our critique, but it has been successful at getting people covered and did have many good elements–many of which were included in the federal health reform.

So when Governor Romney distances himself from the law, or tries to claim a false distinction between the Massachusetts law and the federal law, it’s fair for his opponents to call him on that–even if it unfairly disparaged the federal health law in the procress, and is done in such an over-the-top way that it evokes a summer action movie trailer.

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