A few more signatures, on AB922 and SB202…

The Governor just released another package of signatures (and vetoes).

He signed AB922, by Assembly Health Committee Chair Bill Monning, sponsored by Health Access California and Western Center on Law and Poverty, to improve the state’s ability to assist consumers. Right now, a regular consumer doesn’t know where to call for a question or complaint about their health plan. This would augment and reposition the Office of Patient Advocate (OPA) as central place for consumers to call, which could them triage them to the right place. This is important as we head to 2014, under federal health reform, when four million more Californians will be getting coverage, and millions more will have new rights and options.

The Governor also signed SB202, to ensure that initiatives are decided by the most number of voters by scheduling them for November general elections, rather than in primaries with smaller turnout. Here’s his signing message.

Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.
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