Governor Brown Signs AB151 (Monning) Guaranteeing Seniors Access to Medigap Coverage

This afternoon, Governor Brown signed AB151 by Assemblymember Monning. This bill will enable all persons on Medicare Advantage plans whose premiums or cost sharing increase, or whose benefits decrease, to purchase a Medigap policy if they decide that Original Medicare and a Medigap policy are preferable to continuing in their Medicare Advantage policy.

As federal subsidies for Medicare Advantage plans are reduced, Medicare Advantage plans may decide to change the benefits they provide above the federal minimums–but if they do make changes, then seniors should have the ability to make changes as well, including choosing other options. Their health status shouldn’t tap them into a plan, especially if that plan changes. AB151 provides an important protection for seniors, ensuring that they will continue to have access to coverage that meets their health care needs.

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