No to Medicaid cuts…

Our friends at A Healthy Blog from Health Care for All-Massachusetts reminded me of a snippet from articles in the LA Times and the Politico that describe the final stages of the debt ceiling deal:

Late Saturday, a new demand from Republican negotiators stunned White House officials. In a conference call with senior administration aides, McConnell’s staff noted that the deal called for sharp cuts in military spending as part of the trigger. The Republican staff members said that getting votes on their side of aisle for the bill would be difficult because of that. As a sweetener, the Republicans asked, would the White House agree to add Medicaid cuts to the trigger?

Talking on a speaker phone in budget director Jacob Lew’s office, Gene Sperling, Obama’s top economic adviser, began to explain why the White House could not go along. Lew interrupted.

“No!” the typically mild-mannered Lew yelled. “The answer is simply no! No, no!”

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