Local Lawmakers Key to Manifesting True Gains for the California Children

A recent report commissioned by the California Endowment and prepared by the Urban Institute looks at the question: How Can California Policymakers Help Low-Income Children Benefit from National Health Reform?

The report discusses the 3 most important gains for children in low-income families under the Affordable Care Act. The reports says children will benefit from 1. increased access for parents, which will lead to increased likelihood of children being covered; 2. more participation in existing public programs due to increased outreach and enrollment; and 3. increased eligibility through coverage subsidies.

However, the report points out that none of these gains are an inevitability. They must be implemented by local policymakers as they debate key policy proposals around children’s coverage, the state budget, and (hopefully) improved eligibility and enrollment practices.

Covering more of the state’s uninsured kids, along with the broader promise of health care reform can not be taken for granted, the less than sexy implementation work that is being done now must be done with advocacy and input from concerned stakeholders. Anyone who is concerned with the state of health care in the state, with the health of children and our community at large, must read this report as a call to action.

For additional perspective, Deena Lahn, Policy Director at the Children’s Defense Fund blogged about the report here, and you can read the full report here.

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