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We posted the announcement of the CHIPRA funding to better enroll children in coverage, not just because it highlights that there are real, demonstrated, proven ways to improve enrollment and get people the coverage they want and need. We wanted to highlight the policy solutions, and that there are resources going to advance those solutions… but also to highlight the specific efforts in California that are doing the good work and who are getting some funding as a result.

Here are the California grantees, as announced this week:

Focus Area 1: Using Technology to Facilitate Enrollment and Renewal (10 grants)

* CA ($1,259,565) Fresno Healthy Communities Access Partners represents 41 health center sites in five Central California counties. Using a web-based application, called One-e-App, the grantee will facilitate enrollment and renewal in Medicaid and CHIP. Trained multilingual, multicultural Certified Application Assistors will conduct community outreach to promote health coverage enrollment and link children to health services through a medical home.

Focus Area 2 – Focusing on Retention (4 grants)

* CA ($850,000) Alameda Health Consortium will work with eight Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), as well as school-based clinics, to improve the retention of Medicaid and CHIP benefits for children in Berkeley, Oakland, Haywood and Freemont, California. The grantee will use a variety of methods to alert families about the need to renew their coverage and to provide renewal assistance. Materials and assistance will be available in five languages – English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese and Cambodian – reflecting the diversity of the community.

Focus Area 3 – Engaging Schools in outreach, enrollment and renewal activities (7 grants)

* CA ($982,170) Los Angeles Unified School District will expand the capacity for outreach and enrollment in health coverage in 13 wellness center school complexes. School and district data will be used to identify and target services to children who are eligible for health insurance but uninsured. District application assistors and health care advocates will alert families of eligible children to health coverage opportunities and help get eligible children enrolled, using the online application. One-e-App. Application assistors also will be linked to health care providers at the district wellness centers so eligible children can be enrolled in coverage when they seek care.

* CA ($769,313) Mendocino County Office of Education heads a consortium of eight organizations that will collaborate to implement strategies to increase enrollment and retention of children in MediCal and Healthy Families (California’s Medicaid and CHIP programs). The project will focus attention on helping children stay covered when they move from primary to middle school and from middle school to high school. A toolkit of promising practices will be disseminated statewide through Teachers for Healthy Kids, California School Boards Association and the California Children’s Health Initiatives.

Focus Area 4—Reaching Out to Groups Likely to Experience Gaps in Coverage (14 grants)

* CA ($1,000,000) California Primary Care Association will strengthen outreach and enrollment in community clinics and health centers across California. The grantee will increase the number of Certified Application Assistors and will conduct training to build the capacity of outreach staff to reach uninsured Latinos. An earned media campaign will be implemented to connect families to enrollment and work will continue to ensure that individuals in the target population are connected to a health home.

Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.
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