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The California Health Benefits Exchange Board meets tomorrow, with once again a full agenda.

Of particular note is that the Exchange will start at 10am in closed session, apparently to interview–and perhaps decide–on the new Executive Director of the Exchange. Pat Powers has been serving in that position in the interim, and the board has been conducting a search for the past few months for a permanent director.

The Exchange website has been recently updated to indicate that they expect that the open session will start at 12:30pm, starting with annoucements of their actions in closed session.

The rest of the agenda includes–now that all five members are present–the formal election of a chair, which has been (and is likely to continue to be) HHS Secretary Diana Dooley. Pat Powers will go over a range of items, from the conflict-of-interest policy to the status of the $39 million Level I grant the Exchange got from the federal government, to updates on eligibility and enrollment workgroups and pending legislation–a topic of some contention last time.

The board will also continue its conversation on strategic visioning, and have a conversation on the pending federal Exchange regulations. The website has a full complement of meeting materials.

As always, we’ll try to tweet the proceedings at @healthaccess, using the hashtag #CAHBEx (we has been using #CaHEx, but we figured we should go with the HBEx acronym that the Exchange itself is using.) We’ll also tweet if we find the schedule changes. We’ll also post a quick summary on this blog later in the day.

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