Update on closing the Healthy San Francisco loophole

We reported two weeks ago that a committee of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors was taking up a proposal by Supervisor David Campos that would close the loophole in Healthy San Francisco which has allowed many business owners to shirk their responsibility to provide health care to their employees. The proposal was not able to garner enough support to move out of committee, with Supervisor David Chiu, who initially signed on as a co-sponsor, joined Supervisor Mark Ferrell in blocking the measure from moving forward.

However, the law allows measures to be “called from committee” and brought to the full board without the support of the committee through a petition signed by four Supervisors. Supervisors Campos, Mar, Avalos, and Mirkarimi will be introducing the measure to the full board tomorrow. We will anxiously await the results of the vote.

For those who are interested in this issue, the Board of Supervisors Meeting begins at 2pm, but given the item’s place on the agenda (#45), it will not likely be taken up until 3 or 3:30. More information about the San Francisco Board of Supervisors Meeting here.

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