Employers in SF Using Loophole to Avoid Covering Workers!

Healthy San Francisco, San Francisco’s health care coverage program has been covering over 54,000 uninsured workers have been enrolled in Healthy SF since 2006. Uninsured residents who qualify receive access to primary, preventive and emergency care at a price they can afford. The program is paid for through a requirement that employers contribute toward their workers’ health care.

But, some SF employers are cheating their workers and their customers. Instead of paying for health care, these employers put their health contribution into Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRAs), restrict how their workers can access these funds (e.g. no reimbursements for dental care, vision care, insurance premiums, etc.), and then take back the account balances at the end of the year. City records show that employers held onto $50 million this way in 2010.

An amendment to close the health care loophole will go to the SF Board of Supervisors on July 26, and we need YOUR HELP to make sure it passes! Please join us at the SF Board of Supervisors hearing this Thursday, 7/14 to show your support for amendment. If you can come, please contact Rose Auguste at raugurauguste@health-access.org
If you live in San Francisco, please call or email your Supervisor to say you support the Campos amendment to close the health care loophole! Supervisors’ phone numbers & emails are below.

Supervisors Wiener, Farrell, Chu, and Elsberd have not yet stated their support.
Contact information for Supervisors:

David Chiu (cosponsor): (415) 554-5144, david.chiu@sfgov.org
Malia Cohen (cosponsor): (415) 554-7670, malia.cohen@sfgov.org
Eric Mar (cosponsor): (415) 554-7410, eric.l.mar@sfgov.org
Jane Kim (cosponsor): (415) 554-7970, jane.kim@sfgov.org
John Avalos (Cosponsor): (415) 554-6975, john.avalos@sfgov.org
Scott Wiener: (415) 5546968, scott.wiener@sfgov.org
Mark Farrell: (415) 554-7752, mark.farrell@sfgov.org
Carmen Chu: (415) 554-7460, carmen.chu@sfgov.org
Sean Elsbernd: (415) 554-6516, sean.elsbernd@sfgov.org

For more information about this campaign, or to share your story, please visit http://www.closethehealthcareloophole.org/.

Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.
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