Donna Campbell

Donna Campbell, our new Deputy Secretary for Legislative Affairs at CHHS. Donna Campbell has held a variety of leadership positions in both the Wilson and Davis Administrations. She served as a Senior Policy Advisor and Deputy Secretary for Legislation for the Business, Transportation and Housing Agency, Deputy Secretary and General Counsel for the State and Consumer Services Agency, Deputy Director and Legislative Counsel for the Department of Fair Employment and Housing, and Director of Legislative Affairs for the California Apartment Association. Prior to government service, Campbell was in private practice specializing in corporate and real estate law. Campbell received a Juris Doctorate from the California Western School of Law and a Bachelor of Arts from California State University Northridge.

As the Deputy Secretary for Legislative Affairs, Donna will serve as the Agency’s liaison with the legislature on issues pertaining to the mission, goals, and activities of the Health and Human Services Agency and its constituent boards and departments. Please join me in extending a warm welcome to Donna.

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