Defending Medicare in this hostage situation…

Earlier today, the House of Representatives pass Speaker John Boehner’s plan to temporarily raise the debt ceiling, impose harsh cuts on key services, require passage of a balanced budget constitutional amendment, and that includes other items on the Republican wish list. He was supposed to pass that bill yesterday, but had to make it more extreme in order to get the votes needed for passage from some members of his party.

And just now, the U.S. Senate tabled that plan 59-41, which hopefully will allow negotiation on a real plan that can get through Congress that can raise the debt ceiling, preserve the full faith and credit of the United States, allow our government to makes its commitments, and ensure that seniors and families and businesses get paid what that are entitled. But the cost of this basic vote–which has been done dozens of times before without incident–should not be cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, or other vital services–much less the full-scale dismantling of these core programs.

Yesterday, Health Access helped co-sponsor a town hall on Medicare in Rancho Cordova. Around 200 seniors showed up, and many already knew about the Ryan and Boehner plans on Medicare and the budget in general. Rebecca Band has this report at the California Majority Report. We were happy to speak and answer questions. People are watching these attacks, and they are not happy about it.

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