Action Alert: July 12 Call In Day to Save Medicaid!

Right now, lawmakers in Washington, DC are negotiating a deal to pay our country’s debts and protect our economy from disaster. Medicaid, a critical lifeline for every generation of families and for struggling communities, is on the chopping block even while billionaires and corporate CEOs continue to benefit from tax breaks and loopholes that drain money from the economy.

It time for our Members of Congress to show which side they are on. Call your Senators NOW and tell them do not cut Medicaid to give tax breaks to millionaires, billionaires and big corporations.

Faith leaders, direct care providers, and advocates are rallying with Senator Kerry, Senator Menendez and others today in Washington DC to tell negotiators that seniors, children, middle-class and struggling families should not bear the brunt of reducing the deficit alone. You can do your part from home.

Your Senators need to hear from you today. Call now and demand no cuts to Medicaid without shared sacrifices from the wealthiest Americans.

We need a reasonable plan for deficit reduction that reflects our values, that protects our most vulnerable neighbors, and that doesn’t shift more burdens onto middle class families and states.

Demand a budget plan that reduces the deficit responsibly and works for all Americans – not just millionaires and big business. Urge your senators to oppose harmful cuts or caps to programs serving our nation’s most vulnerable communities.

via Health Care for America Now

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