Assembly and Senate Floor Votes Move Key Bills Forward

All of the health reform-related bills that were voted on today passed their first floor vote, marking the half-way point to enactment.

Bills that passed the Senate Floor:

SB155 (Evans) Maternity Coverage

SB222 (Alquist) Joint Ventures for County-Run Health Insurance Options

SB51 (Alquist) Implementing the Medical Loss Ratio

SB615 (Calderon) Training for Insurance Sellers

SB728 (Hernandez) Risk Adjustment in the Exchange

Bills that passed the Assembly Floor:

AB714 (Atkins) Pre-Enrollment into Coverage

AB792 (Bonilla) Automatic Enrollment into the Exchange

AB727 (Mitchell) Healthy Foods

These bills will move next to the policy committees in the second house.

The outstanding bills will be considered Thursday or Friday. The most debated measure, AB52, on rate regulation, is expected to come up tomorrow.

Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.

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