Mother’s Day Series: Worried Sick About Medicare

Join the Jewish Funds for Justice and other national advocacy groups in an intergenerational action to stand up for Medicare this Mother’s Day! Medicare needs to be protected for our mothers and grandmothers now, but also preserved for our children in the future.

From the “Worried Sick About Medicare” site:

The problem: The House of Representatives has passed a budget that divides families – people over 55 get Medicare while people under 55 get a voucher program that will double the amount they have to pay for health insurance when they’re old. This means tomorrow’s seniors will be worse off than seniors today, increasing poverty rates which have dropped by almost two-thirds since Medicare was enacted in 1965. While Medicare cuts were temporarily taken off the table this week, that’s merely a reprieve in the plan to destroy a bedrock entitlement program that’s worked for almost half a century. And even now members of Congress are looking for back door ways of enacting Medicare cuts.

The truth: Parents and grandparents will not sit back while Medicare is degraded for their children and grandchildren. Our families stand united to protect Medicare.

Mother’s Day Action:
Post a picture of a mother or grandmother standing up for the future of Medicare on the wall of this page. The picture can be with or without their kids. Ideally, hold a sign in the photo with a message like:
“Another mother for Medicare”
“My kids deserve Medicare too!”
“Divide and conquer? That’s not the American way!”
…or your own message!

Change your Facebook status to: “This Mother’s Day, my family is standing up for Medicare” with a link to this page.

Share the Facebook link to your photo with your Congress members, along with a message like, “This is what America’s mothers look like. Our family won’t allow you to degrade Medicare for the next generation.” Click here to email your Senators and Representative or at

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