Mother’s Day Series: The War on Women’s Health

Because healthy women are healthy moms, recent federal developments are troubling.

On May 4, the House of Representatives passed HR3, the latest in their war on women’s health. The bill will limit womens’ access to the full range of reproductive health care. In addition the bill would block access to mammograms and other preventive services, and punish businesses and families that try to buy or keep comprehensive women’s health benefits.

Our own Senator Barbara Boxer is helping to lead the charge against the measure, and is working to block the bill when it gets to the Senate. In a statement released right after the passage of HR3 in the House, she said

“Instead of keeping their promise to focus on jobs, House Republicans want to raise taxes on small businesses and families and take away women’s access to a full range of reproductive care. This extreme measure would even force IRS auditors to investigate personal and private health care decisions. We will fight in the Senate to stop this ideological attack on millions of American women.”

More on the efforts to stop HR3 at the following sites:

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