Tomorrow, and the Exchange, Couldn’t Come Soon Enough

The first meeting of the Exchange Board is tomorrow and we at Health Access couldn’t be more excited. The Exchange represents an opportunity to cover perhaps over 4 million Californians in 2014 and beyond when it is fully enrolled. The board meetings will provide consumers with an opportunity to make public comments and weigh in on the decisions made by the Exchange Board. The early decisions can be formative and indicative of how well consumer needs will be met moving forward.

For those who may be interested in attending the meeting, it begins at 10am in Sacramento (click here for directions). You can find the agenda here, and meeting materials posted on the Exchange website here.

And just in case the case still needs to be made for why we need the Exchange to assist consumers who are left on their own to deal with big insurance, check out David Lazarus’ column in the LA Times today about yet another California family struggling with unjustified and unreasonable increases in health care costs.

If you can’t attend, check back here for an update and our notes from the meeting.
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