The Governor signs the cuts, await the other half…

The Health and Human Services Network of California issued the following statement in response to the Governor’s signing of the $12 billion state budget cuts previously passed by the state legislature:

The enactment of these significant and life threatening cuts marks a sad day for California. Not only will these dangerous cuts cost many Californians their primary sources of support, independence, and in many cases even their lives; they also pose an irreparable harm to California’s much-needed economic recovery, costing the state thousands of public and private sector jobs.

At this critical stage in the budget process, the question of whether or not the legislature will pass the remaining elements of the Governor’s proposal, which aim to solve the state budget deficit with a mix of cuts and revenues, remains to be answered.

Californians understand that an all-cuts solution to California’s $26 billion deficit, on top of the $16 billion in cuts made over the last three years, will devastate California’s basic public infrastructure, including its schools, health care and social services for children, seniors and people with disabilities.

It is absolutely imperative that the legislature pass the Governor’s revenue package, which includes eliminating the ineffective enterprise zone tax break and closing the loophole that lets corporations choose how their profits are taxed. Equally important is allowing California voters the opportunity to weigh in on this fundamental question of California’s future by passing the Governor’s modest tax extensions and putting them to a vote in the June Special Election.

If we don’t close these tax loopholes and allow voters to have a say on these revenue solutions, California would not only sacrifice more jobs and families, but the remaining shortfall would have to be accounted for with billions more in cuts.

The HHS Network and its hundreds of partners and allies strongly urge legislators to stand up for what they know is right: close these egregious loopholes and give the people of California an opportunity to decide whether or not our recovery efforts will include these revenue proposals.

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