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This Valentine’s Day, thanks to the health care law, new protections mean that you and your loved ones may be eligible for important preventive services at no cost to you – helping you stay healthy, avoid illness, and improve your health. And new rights help you enjoy greater security for you and your family.

If you haven’t sent your Valentine’s cards yet–or even if you have, share this E-card with your friends and loved ones so they know about their new rights and options.

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Earlier today, Health Access California spotlighted one specific benefit, working with Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones and Assembly Members Roger Dickinson and Mike Feuer. Health Access California board member Kelly Hardy of Children Now (also representing the 100% Campaign) spoke for us at a news conference today at the UC Davis Medical Center to highlight a critical open-enrollment period for kids’ health insurance that began on January 1, 2011 and ends on March 1.

During the open enrollment period, parents can sign up their children for more affordable health insurance. As a result of President Obama’s federal health care reform plan and AB 2244 by Assemblymember Feuer and Health Access, children with pre-existing conditions cannot be denied coverage – they also cannot be charged rates that are more than double the rates of healthy kids. Parents of healthy children without insurance should also sign their kids up during this period; kids who don’t sign up during open enrollment periods may be subject to a 20 percent surcharge on their insurance rates for a full year.

The combination of the federal health law and the state law, which has been in effect since January 1, gives California children access to affordable care and a healthy future by ensuring that certain children cannot be denied coverage or priced out of the market. It also prohibits insurers that sell individual market policies in California from refusing to sell or renew coverage to children with pre-existing conditions – it also bans insurers from the individual market for five years if they do not sell policies to children.

So it’s an excellent time to give children coverage, before the end of this open enrollment period, March 1st.
Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.
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