Geeking out for your comic book collection…

News broke this week about a new comic book to come out in Septemberon the Affordable Care Act!

It’s being written by Jonathan Gruber, an MIT economist who has been an advisor to the Massachusetts reform effort and served on the board of their Exchange (called a “Connector” in MA) there. He was an advisor to California’s effort at health reform in 2007-8, as well as to the federal policymakers, providing a computer model that takes certain assumptions about how employers and individuals will respond to policy changes, to make predictions about the impact of certain policies: the decrease in the uninsured, the increase in public programs, the shift between employer-based care and the Exchange, etc.
Yet this comic book, not his more serious writings, that is getting serious attention, from the AP to Comedy Central.

If you want a sense of the substance of Gruber’s review of health reform–without the pictures–he gave a very good, fact-based overview of the Affordable Care Act at the recent Families USA conference:

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