Expanding coverage…

Which counties are considering expanding undertaking the coverage expansions under the new Medicaid wavier and the new federal health law? The following counties have send letters of interest to the State.

1. Alameda County
2. Alpine County
3. Contra Costa County
4. Fresno County
5. Glenn County
6. Kern County
7. Los Angeles County
8. Merced County
9. Monterey County
10. Orange County
11. Placer County
12. Riverside County
13. Sacramento County
14. San Bernardino County
15. San Diego County
16. San Francisco County
17. San Joaquin County
18. San Luis Obispo County
19. San Mateo County
20. Santa Clara County
21. Santa Cruz County
22. Ventura County
23. Yolo County

Counties are right to be interested. Counties can use the money they already spend on indigent care, and get federal matching funds to provide coverage. This means that their low-income residents can get better care through better-coordinated coverage; the counties’ safety-net providers get more insured and paying customers, and can build loyalty with this new patient population; the county get those new federal funds flowing through its health system and its economy; and this provides a smooth transition to health reform, as these enrolled patients are in systems of care and automatically enrolled in full Medicaid coverage on day one of 2014.

We are watching this closely. If you are interested in advocating at your county–either because the county is not on the above list, or because you want to make sure they are undertaking the most aggressive implementation possible–contact Linda Leu at Health Access, at lleu@health-access.org.

Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.

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