Budget Conference Committee set…

To work out final differences between the Senate and Assembly plans for the California budget, a new Budget Conference Committee is set to meet tomorrow, Wednesday, at 10am in Sacramento.

Assemblymember Bob Blumenfield will chair, with Sen. Mark Leno serving as committee vice chair. (The Assembly and Senate trade off chairing the Conference Committee in alternating years, and Sen. Leno chaired last year.)

The Budget Conference Committee includes:

* Sen. Mark Leno (Democrat – San Francisco, 3rd State Senate District)
* Sen. Alan Lowenthal (Democrat – Long Beach, 27th State Senate District)
* Sen. Gloria Negrete McLeod (Democrat – Chino, 32nd State Senate District)
* Sen. Bill Emmerson (Republican – Riverside, 37th State Senate District)
* Sen. Bob Huff (Republican – Diamond Bar, 29th State Senate District)

* Assm. Bob Blumenfield (Democrat – Van Nuys, 40th Assembly District)
* Assm. Felipe Fuentes (Democrat – Slymar, 39th Assembly District)
* Assm. Nancy Skinner (Democrat – Berkeley, 14th Assembly District)
* Assm. Diane Harkey (Republican – Dana Point, 73rd Assembly District)
* Assm. Jim Nielsen (Republican – Gerber, 2nd Assembly District)

On health issues, the major issue that needs to be resolved between the Assembly and Senate is the fate of Adult Day Health Centers. Both made cuts, but the Senate version functionally eliminated the funding except for a $25 million block grant.

The discussions start tomorrow, but they won’t be lengthy–they’ll be done in time for floor votes next week.

Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.

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