Another opportunity to sign up for coverage for California’s children…

Today is the LAST day for parents to enroll their children for private coverage during an “open enrollment period”–which could mean cheaper rates, even if they have a “pre-existing condition.” Here’s a series of Frequently Asked Questions from our friends at MomsRising:

Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones, bill author Assemblyman Mike Feuer, many of his colleagues, and even Secretary Kathleen Sebelius cut public service announcements about this window of opportunity that parent have to sign children up for coverage. If they do so before March 1st, they can have get a better premium than outside this open enrollment period, where insurers won’t be limited on what they can charge children with pre-existing conditions.

After today, the other “open enrollment” period will be during the child’s birthday month. But if you know a child that’s uninsured, there’s no reason to wait and take the risk that they get sick between now and then….

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