AG Harris Defends Health Reform…

Last Friday California’s new Attorney General Kamala Harris released a statement in defense of the Affordable Care Act in conjunction with 7 other Attorney Generals from Connecticut, Iowa, Maryland, New York, Delaware, Vermont, and Hawaii. The statement asserted the constitutionality of the law as well as the importance of the law to the millions in each of these states who are already or will soon benefit from its provisions.

These State Attorney Generals are part of a coalition that filed an amicus brief last month supporting the constitutionality of the health reform law. The 9 signatories of the brief join the dozen federal judges who have thrown out constitutional challenges to ACA and 2 that have ruled in favor of the law.
Just to review the score:
Judges Who Ruled Against Entire ACA: 1
Judges Who Ruled Against One Provision of the ACA: 1
Judges Who Threw Out Cases Against ACA: 12
Judges Who Upheld the ACA: 2
The nine State Attorney Generals matter, considering that California and New York are two of the three most populous states in the nation. We in California are fortunate to have an Attorney General who is representing her constituents and the Constitution. Read the complete statement here.
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