Why are some Congressmen trying to repeal our health care?

Yesterday featured the theater of the U.S. House vote on the repeal of the federal health law. I was happy to be with several dozen of Representative Dan Lungren’s constituents, who visited with his office in Gold River, to ask why the Congressman was voting to take away the health care of so many constituents.

Two of the people there were young adults, one who worked for a printing press, another for a catering company, but neither who get coverage through their employer. They now can get their coverage through their mother–under the provision in the new federal law that allows children up to age 26 stay on their parents’ health plan. The mother was there explaining the sense of security she feels in having coverage for her children.

The thing is, those young adults were two of 3,400 getting coverage from that single provision—in Rep. Dan Lungren’s district alone. Others talked about seniors getting assistance with prescription drug coverage, or patients with pre-existing conditions having new options and choice.

It’s particularly insulting that Rep. Lungren voted against health reform from his seat in California, given the state’s significant efforts in implementing and improving the federal law. The San Jose Mercury News articles by Mike Zapler reinforced that sense with his article entitled “California leads nation in implementing health reform”

There’s more to come on this fight, so health advocates need to be vigilant.

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