Repeal vote postponed, and more important things…

There’s so much and perhaps not much to say about the violent shooting in Arizona this weekend, targeted at Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. It’s senseless and tragic, and our thoughts are with her and her family, and the many others shot and wounded, and their family members.

For the narrow purpose of this blog, it should be noted that the Congress is cancelling legislative actions for the next week–which means postponing the House vote to repeal the federal health law (which was symbolic anyway, given it’s lack of support in the Senate and White House). That also means that many of the actions that health reform supporters–including Health Access California–were planning for this week are also postponed until we hear more of Congress’ plans.

Health issues are also part of the overall news story here. Her party or positions shouldn’t matter, but for the purpose of this blog on health policy, it’s worth noting that her strong support of health reform. The NY Times described her various moderate-to-conservative positions, and then said, “But she was equally ardent in her support of the health care overhaul last year, and once told a reporter she was prepared to lose her seat to defend it.”

She reportedly received threats and had her office vandalized during the health care debate last year. And her health care vote was the rationale for her district have a gunsight target on it on a Sarah Palin website–yet she managed to win a close election last fall.

Despite threats of losing her seat, or worse, she was committed to make the health care system better for all, and at this moment, we hope that same health care system is providing the treatment she needs to survive and thrive into the future. Fingers crossed for her, and the other victims.

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