DMHC Also Beefs Up to Review Rates…

The Assembly Budget Subcommittee on Health and Human Services considered a proposal by the Department of Managed Health Care today to increase staffing in order to implement rate review and other important consumer protections passed last year.

DMHC plans to increase it’s capacity to deal with consumer complaints. Additionally, the Department proposes to hire two actuaries to take on the task of reviewing rate filings from insurers.

Like the request from the Department of Insurance that the Senate considered earlier today, the funds (a much leaner $1.7 million) would come from special funds, and would have no impact on the State General Fund.

In both cases, the Legislative Analyst’s Office opposed moving forward with staffing augmentations at this time, instead requesting more time to analyze redundancies between the requests from the two departments.

Advocates argued that any need for further study not hinder the need to move forward, especially in light of the plethora of premium increase filings from insurers in the state. The Subcommittee voted in favor of moving the request forward.

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