A real person’s reaction…

When the budget comes out, reporters ask various people about their reaction. In my case and many others, we provide analysis about what these impacts are.

But it’s also useful to hear from people themselves. The San Francisco Chronicle got the reaction of Gina Jackson, a Californian with Medi-Cal coverage. It’s worth your reading.

The cuts to Medi-Cal are severe, and as outlined in our Health Access fact sheet, go beyond even what Gina Jackson describes. The proposals will also limit doctor visits to ten a year, and prescription drugs to six a year. If she had cancer or diabetes or another serious conditions (or a few), she could hit those caps and run out of coverage pretty quickly. She poignantly talks about the impact of eliminating dental coverage–seniors on Medi-Cal will also lose access to Adult Day Health Centers.

Let’s make sure our elected leaders hear these voices as they make final budget decisions in the next several weeks. Hearings on specific cut proposals begin this week.

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