Secretary Sebelius reviews 2010…

Here’s HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius posted a video recounting the highlights of her work and that of her Department. The list obviously starts with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act–but she touches on some less-heralded parts of the law, and other developments of interest to health advocates and Americans in general.

It seems right to feature Secretary Sebelius’ highlights, not just because of the substance of her list–from the new laws to new funds for key areas like community clinics to new efforts at prevention, fraud detection, and scientific research–but also because one of my personal highlights of the year was to meet with Sebelius herself this fall. It was great to get her take on the work ahead to implement and improve upon the new federal law. As a former Governor and Insurance Commissioner of Kansas, she is very familiar with the state-federal interactions that will become even more important in the next few years. More than that, it really seems she understands and is driven the human impact of her work. We hope her next year isn’t simply defense, but similarly productive.

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