No joke…

From last night’s Tonight Show with Jay Leno:

“Republicans fresh off their victory on Election Day say their first priority will be to dismantle the new health care law. And believe me, there’s nothing people without a job love more than less health care.”

This is no joke. I am in DC this week and getting a sense of what the next two years will look like. Very few people expected a full repeal of health reform to go farther than passage in the House of Representatives… but there are real threats to health reform with the new GOP majority in the House and narrower margins in the Senate.

It’s not just the potential defunding of some aspects of health reform. It’s that the new Republican leaders will block attempts at extending funding for key health and other programs that have been used to prevent cuts in the middle of an economic downturn and help along a recovery. This includes FMAP–the increased federal funding for Medicaid, which expires June 2011–the expiration of which will cause additional problems with our budget deficit. This including many other things, even includes the blocking of extending unemployment benefits.

While voters had jobs on their minds, the newly elected House majority will have an impact on jobs, alright. It’s gonna be a long two years…

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