Late election results…

It’s all but official. Two remaining Congressional contests have been decided in favor of Representatives Jerry McNerney of Stockton and Representative Jim Costa of Fresno.

Health care and consumer advocates were pleased earlier this year when all California Democrats in Congress–33 Representatives and our two Senators–voted for the new federal health law. California and Michigan were the only two states of the twelve biggest that had unified support–not New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, or others. That’s despite the fact that California has the biggest delegation (with seven) of “Blue Dog” Democrats.

This week’s final election results confirms an equally important statistic, that every California Congressmember who voted for health reform was re-elected. This jibes with polls that suggest that there is majority support for the new federal health law–and provides momentum for the need to both implement and improve upon it.

One final note of late-breaking election news: Californians also apparently also elected Kamala Harris as Attorney General, who said she would not support the actions of some other state AGs in suing against the federal health reform law.

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