A fight about deficit is a fight about health care…

Here in DC, there’s a lot of talk about the recent rough draft by the staff of the Deficit Commission chairs, and how it could (and should) impact health care. I could write a long post about it.

Or I could link to Brad Delong at UC-Berkeley, who says that the caps envisioned would “require not just the repeal of the Affordable Care Act but the elimination of Medicare as we know it”, and who is also quoted at Talking Points Memo.

Or I could link to Kevin Drum at Mother Jones magazine, who explains why the fight over deficit reduction is should really be about health care, and why the Deficit Commission is seriously misguided in attaining its goal of deficit reduction.

Or I could link to Ezra Klein or Jonathan Cohn, who provide good context as well, as they often do.

I’ll write that post, but that’s all good reading until then.

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