On the air on offense…

During the health reform debate earlier this year, there was a question about how the new federal law would impact the elections this fall. While many have tried to make claims one way or another, there’s a general sense that the impact is small, and that the elections are about the economy, and the larger ideological differences between the parties and the candidates.

Health care really hasn’t been a focus of the statewide races for Senator and Governor in California, even though the differences are stark between the Democrats, which support the law and the new oversight over insurers, and the Republicans who have endorsed efforts to repeal the law.

That said, there are candidates around the country who voted for health reform that are playing offense, drawing a contrast between their support–and their opponents’ opposition to the law. We are starting to see a few of these in key contested races. Below are just a few examples:

Here’s an ad from Senator Russ Feingold, of Wisconsin:

And here’s an ad from Representative Earl Pomeroy in North Dakota:

Finally, another ad from Representative Steve Israel of Long Island, New York:

We’ll see if any California races follow this lead.

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