In Capitol, 500 protest those blocking a fair budget..

Governor Schwarzenegger arrived back from Asia today, which hopefully will start moving the California budget negotiations along. As Judy Lin of the AP reports, we are about the set the record for the latest budget. Ever. In California history.

But matters as much as a timely budget is a fair budget–one that doesn’t eviscerate health, human services, and other vital programs–a point made today by 500 Californians who rallied today in the Capitol, singing song of protests in the Capital Rotunda, and leaving black roses on the bear statue in front of Governor Schwarzenegger’s office. (See the photo from @SEARAC_Jonathan‘s Twitter feed.) Apparently, Assembly Republican Leader Garrick posted guards outside his office.
There’s more photos and reports at the blog of the HHS Network, the coalition that Health Access helps lead with several other key partner organizations.
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