Weekend wonkery…

We’ve been remiss in not highlighting the last two editions of the Health Wonk Review, which compiles some of the best commentary from the web around health policy, including this blog.

* Jaan Sidorov of Disease Management Care Blog hosted an air-travel themed edition earlier this week, which is comprehensive and probably has something of interest for anybody.

* Julie Ferguson at Workers Comp Insider had the very-much-still-relevant-and-interesting dog days of summer edition before that.

For a whole package of cogent analysis, wonkery and understanding next steps after the Affordable Care Act, The American Prospect has a whole special report on “Fulfilling the Promise of Health Reform”–language that we have used as well to decribe the challenges and opportunities that the new law provides. Contributions come from everyone from Jonathan Cohn to Jacob Hacker to Paul Starr to Tim Jost to Judy Feder. The whole package is worth reading.

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