Quick updates on some bills moving forward…

In legislative action today, there were floor votes on a couple of key bills today:

* SB1088(Price) passed the Assembly, which would implement federal health reform on the issue of allowing young adults to stay on their parent’s coverage up to age 26.

* AB2042(Feuer), sponsored by Health Access, passed the Senate with 21 votes, would provide predictability to the insurance market by limiting changes in premiums, cost-sharing and benefits more than once a year.

* SB56(Alquist) also passed the Assembly, and would facilitate new public options for consumers by encouraging joint ventures between county-run Medicaid managed care plans (think San Francisco Health Plan, Alameda Alliance for Health, LA Care, etc), so they have broader geographical networks and be viable in the non-Medi-Cal marketplace.

These bills need to go back to their respective houses for concurrence votes before being sent to the Governor.

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