Good news on FMAP..

Many people celebrated today because of the judicial decision on Prop 8, others were relieved about the announcement that the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico seems fully contained. President Obama had his birthday.

But the celebration today for those immersed in health care, and in state budget issues, was the U.S. Senate vote to end debate on a measure to provide aid to states, including through enhanced funding through Medicaid. This adjustment (to what is known as the FMAP formula) provides some additional funds for state budgets, including California’s.

Both the Governor’s and the Democratic proposal were relying on these funds. In fact, they were relying on more, but the amount got scaled back in order to attract the votes of GOP Senators from Maine and Massachusetts. Hopefully there may be other attempts, maybe after the election, to provide additional assistance.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, California’s own, tweeted that she’ll bring the House into session during the summer break next week, to pass the Senate aid bill, so the money can start to flow and help not just our state budgets, but our economy.

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