Zero to 45,000 in 60 Days…

The Managed Risk Medical Insurance Board (MRMIB) met yesterday and key to their agenda was the discussion of the new high risk pool. The mood was celebratory as the Board and staff discussed the Governor’s signing of the 2 high risk pool bills (AB 1887 and SB 227) on Tuesday. Lesley Cummings, Executive Director of MRMIB stated that now that the bills have been chaptered, MRMIB must move as quickly as possible to make the new high risk pool available to the uninsurable.

The board gave staff direction on moving forward with creation of an application process as well as to adopt eligibility criteria. Staff is also working on soliciting vendors and plans to have a report back to the board in next week’s meeting. The stated goal was to open up the application process in August and begin to cover people by September.
Health Access provided comments related to the importance of developing an outreach and marketing plan. MRMIP, the state’s existing high risk pool has never been advertised, but we feel that it is important to start getting out the word that help is available for those who have been denied insurance coverage due to preexisting conditions. MRMIB will use their website, as an information hub for updates related to the high risk pool. Interested individuals should send an email with their name, address, and telephone number to and you will be notified as soon as the application is available.
This information is also available on the new national health information website, at
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