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Health Access California, the statewide health care consumer advocacy coalition, announced today the results of board decisions on November 2010 ballot measures. Health Access California will supports the measures on State Parks (Prop 21), Repealing Corporate Tax Loopholes (Prop 24) and a On-Time Majority Vote Budget (Prop 25). Health Access California will also opposes measures that would harm health efforts (Prop 22, 26).

This fall, voters will have the opportunity to significantly impact the state budget and consequently, the health care system on which we all rely. Health Access California will work to ensure that voters recognize the impacts on their health and their health system in considering their positions on these ballot measures.

Health Access California took the following positions:

* YES on PROP 21: Proposition 21 not only invests in our state parks, but it also frees up resources to prevent prevent significant cuts to health, education and other vital services. Prop 21 is a win-win, providing Californians with the healthy choices while also helping support our budget and health system.

* NO on PROP 22: By protecting one part of the budget, Proposition 22 puts health, education and other core services at greater risk. This measure does nothing to help our budget crisis, and actually makes it harder to find a solution.

* YES on PROP 24: It was bad enough that last year’s budget slashed funding to the health system on which we all rely; to giveaway corporate tax breaks at the same time just added insult to injury. Proposition 24 allows us to repeal those corporate tax break giveaways, helping prevent devastating cuts to health, education and other vital services.

* YES on PROP 25: The current budget process is undemocratic, allowing one-sixth of the legislature to hold up the budget for their own special interest demands. Proposition 25 restores majority rule, so budgets are not held hostage, and community clinics and other services are not left unpaid for months.

* NO on PROP 26: The worst measure on the ballot is Proposition 26, which protects polluters and other corporations from having to pay for the health, environmental, and other damage they cause. Tobacco, oil, insurance, and other companies are backing this measure to protect their profits, at the expense of consumers, our health, and the environment.

Health Access California will be active in the next few months organizing and educating Californians about the budget and health impacts on these initiatives.

Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.
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