4 Months After Passage, Health Reform Yet To Cause Apocalypse

Four months after the historic passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – our new health reform law, American civilization has not crumbled, and the “crown jewel of socialism” has not destroyed our democracy.

As we’ve blogged previously, hundreds of thousands of seniors have received Medicare Part D Donut Hole refund checks, small business owners have started to take advantage of tax credits to cover their workers, and so on… still, no apocalypse.

Further evidence of the non-apocalypse was released today in the form of insurance company quarterly earnings. It turns out that as poor li’l big insurance begins to comply with health reform law, they aren’t facing financial ruin, they aren’t laying off all of their employees, and they aren’t leaving their customers any less covered than they already were. WellPoint‘s second quarter earnings rose 4%, while United Health brought in $1.12 billion dollars. (More here.)

Guess that “refudiates” that rumor!
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