The dog that didn’t bark..

Healthy San Francisco lives! This unique universal health care program has survived challenges from the Golden Gate Restaurant Association all the way to the Supreme Court. Today, the Supreme Court decided not to hear the appeal of the employers, which then allows the Ninth Circuit’s decision to stand, to uphold the law.

This action disproves the many skeptics of health reform, who long argued that any attempts at state & local health reform would be pre-empted by the federal law known as ERISA, which regulates employer benefits.

California health reformers were well aware of the constraints of ERISA, when crafting state proposals like SB2, AB 8, and AB x1 1. But they found a path, one that Healthy San Francisco was ultimately able to implement.

It’s a good day for San Franciscans, and for health reformers in general.

Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.
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