A Big Step for Some Big Reforms

Major bills passed the Assembly Health Committee to both implement and improve health reform today, Tuesday, March 29th.

They include:
* SB900 (Alquist), to set up a new Health Insurance Exchange to help Californians get coverage,
* SB890 (Alquist), to standardize benefits and provide consumer protections in the individual market
* SB208(Steinberg) to implement a new Medi-Cal waiver
* SB1163 (Leno), to get federal funds to institute health insurance rate review,
* SB1088 (Price) to extend dependent coverage to young adults up to age 26,
* SB810(Leno), which starts to set up a universal single-payer health reform

More information and description will be posted shortly…

Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.

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