The Legislature spotlights better budget choices…

Last week provided a major reframing of the state budget debate. Both the Senate and Assembly leadership put forward their own frameworks for solving the budget crisis, and did so by rejecting the worst of the cuts proposed by Governor Schwarzenegger.

The two plans are different, but they show that there are better budget choices for California than to either eliminate or eviscerate basic health and human services, undercutting our families and our economy.

A new UC-Berkeley study, also released last week, shows that dramatic impact of the Governor’s proposed cuts, cuts that would result in 331,000 lost jobs, in both the public and private sector.

We’ll have more analysis on the comparative health and economic impacts of these plans very shortly, but until then, get the information from the legislators themselves:

* The Senate President Pro Tem Steinberg and the Senate leadership has a budget page on their website. Here’s the Pro Tem and Budget Chair Ducheny responding on the day of the Governor’s May Revise announcement:

* Speaker John Perez and the Assembly leadership have their own webpage for the “California Jobs Budget,” including supporting documents. Here’s the Speaker in the announcement of their framework last week:

The final budget will be better because of the activity of the past week… Let’s keep up the momentum…

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