Once a year is enough…

With everything going on last week, from the budget to the Medicaid waiver, we neglected to announce that on Thursday, the full Assembly passed AB2042, authored by Assemblyman Mike Feuer and sponsored by Health Access California. AB2042 simply says that insurers and HMOs cannot change or increase premiums, cost sharing or benefits more often than once a year.

When Anthem Blue Cross of California sent out its now famous notices about rate hikes up to 39%, it also included the caveat that they may seek additional increases mid-year. Californians deserve some measure of economic stability, including the ability to predict their costs for a full year. The bill had a margin of 48-27, along party lines with Democrats supporting and Republicans opposing. Onto the Senate, with this and other bills…

Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.

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