Does Lady Gaga get on-the-job benefits?

The passage of health reform doesn’t end the day-in, day-out struggle for workers getting coverage on the job.

It certainly helps: some small employers will get tax credits this year to help them provide coverage to their workers. By 2014, large employers who don’t provide coverage may find that they need to chip in to the coverage if their lower-wage workers appropriately take advantage of the available affordability credits. The cost control efforts may help to slow the rate of growth in the price of premiums. And at the very least, the law will help establish some standards for on-the-job coverage: no waiting periods longer than 90 days, no coverage that had annual caps or limits that leaves patients on the hook for catatrophic medical bills.

But at the end of the day, there’s the question of what benefits the employer provides his workers and their families. The hope is that providing decent benefits would become even more of the norm, and those employers that don’t will be the exception that can be called out… like the San Francisco hotels mentioned in this fun video.

I predict this spread quickly on the Internet…

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