California’s Next Top Model Legislation on health care…

For bills going through the legislative process in California, one minute they’re in and the next, they’re out, held in suspense or dead. At the Senate Appropriations Committee today, chaired by Senator Christine Kehoe, we said a fond Auf Wiedershen to six of the ten bills being currently being followed. First up, Senator Alquist’s two bills that deal with the individual market and the exchange, SB 890 and SB 900. Second, Senator Leno’s bill on rate review (SB 1163) and his bill on Timely Access (SB 1200). Next, Senator Price’s bill allowing young adults to stay on their parent’s coverage through age 26 (SB 1088) and lastly, Senator Steinberg’s bill (SB 1283) regarding health care grievances.

The four that remain held in suspense include Senator Correa’s bill SB 1083 dealing with Children’s Hospitals, Senator Cox’s bill SB 1063 on the Healthy Families Program, Senator Huff’s bill SB 1051 on emergency medical assistance, and Senator Price’s bill SB 1409 concerning the South LA hospital project fund.

In this case, congratulations, you’re out- Auf Wiedershen!

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