Budget news soon…

Today, Governor Schwarzenegger will unveil his May Revise budget, which is expected to be awful. We will Twitter (www.twitter.com/healthaccess) on the announcement and blog here our first analysis as soon as possible.

To get a sense of the devastation, look at the Governor’s January proposal. He proposed a series of steep cuts in a base budget, but then included a “trigger” proposal of program eliminations and other stunners if California didn’t get $7 billion of federal funds. California is likely to get more than half of that sum, but some of those requests were improbable to start with. So expect a budget that includes elements of the extreme “trigger” budget. If a state has a $20 billion deficit and doesn’t include taxes or revenue in the solution, all that’s left are ugly, conscience-shocking choices.

ALSO: While we wait, take a look at the new edition of Health Wonk Review, hosted this week by Hank Stern at InsureBlog. I think I neglected to link to the previous “NBA Playoff Edition” by Jasson Shafrin of the Healthcare Economist, but it’s still fresh, both in its content and its theme, since the NBA playoff are still ongoing and seeming will for another month.

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