What does it mean to repeal health reform?

Rather than talking about how to implement and improve health reform, and working so it most benefits Californians, some candidates for U.S. Senate and Governor here in California are talking about repealing it, or legally challenging it, or otherwise.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s blog has a rejoinder for them and others: So which of these provisions – available to Americans this year – do they want to repeal?

* Do they want to repeal the small business tax credits that will make employee coverage more affordable?
* Or the $250 rebate to America’s seniors who have fallen into the Medicare Part D ‘donut’ hole pay for prescription drug coverage?
* Do they want to repeal the ban on insurance companies dropping people from coverage when they get sick?
* Or the prohibition on insurance companies denying coverage to children with pre-existing conditions?
* Do they want to repeal the ban on insurance companies placing lifetime caps on coverage or the ban on restrictive annual limits on coverage?
* Or the new, independent appeals process that ensures consumers have an avenue to appeal decisions by their health insurance plan?
* Do they want to repeal the temporary high-risk pool that will provide immediate access to Americans who are uninsured because of a pre-existing condition?

* Or do they want to repeal the requirement that health plans allow young people to remain on their parents’ health insurance plan up to their 26th birthday?

Good questions, for reporters to ask all candidates for office this year.

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